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3D Photo Camera KDF . 6



Turn your mobile phone into a 3D camera. Easy editing tools let you create your masterpiece in a few seconds. Make your old album of photos into 3D.

- Simple Red-Blue 3D glasses required instead of expensive VR stereo headsets to watch photos
- Get the glasses FREE online or make your own by colouring a transparent plastic with red and blue sections using ordinary colour marker pens
- Slider based easy editing of red blue images to produce the perfect 3D photo
- Take two left-right photo pairs of the subject to get true 3D - edit and align the red and blue images so they overlap for the perfect 3D without any eyestrain
- Convert single photos into 3D - edit and shift the red image to the right of blue image for POP-OUT effect - shift blue image to right of red image for IN-DEPTH effect

Please see the YouTube video instructions on

If you like our app please don’t forget to leave a rating. If you want additional features do let us know so we can add it in our next update.

This is a completely free app with no ads or in-app purchases. Enjoy!!

Additional Information

  • Lasted Update Date: Jun, 29, 2017
  • Latest Version: 1.0.2
  • Size: 0.12MB
  • Supported Devices: SM-Z130H, SM-Z300H, SM-Z400Y, SM-Z200F, SM-Z200M, SM-Z200Y, SM-Z400F