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Blokstok SFM Street Fight Madness Darksun Technologies Private Limited 8



Blokstok Street Fight Madness - A Street Fighting Game with a difference. It has realistic characters from different countries and cities and locations based on actual cities and places.

We tried to make the characters the way we like to be instead of making them funny or comical.

Characters include:
Naren - A typical punjabi guy from New Delhi, India

Aamer Khan - Has lived in different parts of the world and is of mixed Afghan-Iranian-Uzbek Parentage

SM Wozniacki- From California, USA but of Polish heritage

Sophia - A fair skinned and orange haired lady who is actually an Albino from India

Kang - From New York, New York, USA - is of Korean-American heritage - an good student throughout his childhood and the son of humble working-class parents who value education above all else. He first travelled to Korea in his early twenties on scholarship to study Korean culture, food habits and language.

Godwin Chukwa - A hair-stylist and musician of mixed Nigerian-Congolese heritage who grew up in Abuja and has lived and worked in various cities of the world and loves seeing new countries. Cities Godwin has lived or worked include Johanesburg, New Delhi, Dubai, Bangkok and various others.

The first location is Mission 16th BART Station - in San Francisco, California, USA - and that is the place people get down to visit Dolores Park.

Locations we have worked on and upcoming in updates include:

Bengalurru earlier known as Bangalore, India

New Delhi, India

Gateway of India, Mumbai, India

Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

Suggestion- due to advanced graphics this game uses- make sure there is enough memory.
If possible close all applications before playing this game and preferably reboot before playing this game.

A Request - If you find any bug click the Email-Us button and tell us through email of problem you faced.
In coming days we will upload improved versions of the game- with more characters and improved gameplay.

Also- if you want to encourage and motivate us to make better and new games- give us a 5-star rating. 5-star rating makes us happy and motivates us to do even better and make new and better games for you!

Additional Information

  • Lasted Update Date: Mar, 15, 2018
  • Latest Version: 2.9.0
  • Size: 49.32MB
  • Supported Devices: SM-Z130H, SM-Z300H, SM-Z400Y, SM-Z200F, SM-Z200M, SM-Z200Y, SM-Z400F