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Mountain Sniper Jungle - 3D Alpine Shooter Modern Alchemists OG 7



Ready your weapon, aim and fire!
Become the deadliest mountain sniper in "Mountain Sniper" the game! Upgrade your weapons and hunt down the terrorists!

Mountain Sniper is the desert spin-off of one of the best of the sniper games available, Sniper Ops 3D! It’s a fun and free app, that puts you in charge of fighting terror in the desert. Become one of the most deadly desert army assassins and take out all of your enemies. Mountain Sniper lets you wage online war against terrorists and deadly bad guys!

Mountain Sniper is the best 3D Sniper Shooting Game on your phone because it charges you with the mighty responsibility of fighting a global war on terror. Become the ultimate shooter and protect all of humanity. Not your ordinary gun game, the Sniper Ops Shooting Game is a war and FPS game that’s addictive and ultra-realistic.

● Realistic 3D graphics with outstanding animations in a desert setting.
● Take your pick of weapons including sniper guns and rifles.
● Hunting and killing missions to wage war on terrorists.
● One of the best free assassin games online ever.
● Help the army clear all the terrorists from a territory.
● Earn rewards with this app by completing missions.
● Amazing gun battles to destroy real enemies.
● Unlock all new sniper rifles!
● No internet connection required!

Typical hunting and killing games are boring. Don’t shoot deer, elephants, lions, or any animals in your online games. Go for the real enemies who are creating terror all over the globe. Download The Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game and join millions of online players who are using their sniper skills to make the world a better place.

The Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game offers ongoing new content all the time and it gives you the chance to be the hero in many virtual countries. This modern combat game allows you to race against time to prevent WWIII and go up against rivals that you may have never thought you’d face in real life.

Our Best 3D Sniper Shooting game has a loyal following of players who say it’s the top sniper game for Tizen phone. Read the reviews and get shooting yourself.

The Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game is an absolutely free assassin shooting game that has quickly become one of the top games for Tizen. Download it for your Tizen phone today!

This game contains mature content and it is not recommended for young children.

Additional Information

  • Lasted Update Date: Sep, 01, 2017
  • Latest Version: 52.0.1
  • Size: 50.43MB
  • Supported Devices: SM-Z130H, SM-Z300H, SM-Z400Y, SM-Z200F, SM-Z200M, SM-Z200Y, SM-Z400F